Second Degree Black Belt 
Curriculum for Level 6 Training 
Dan Bong Curriculum

   1996 Midwest Hapkido 

       2006 Midwest Hapkido (Revised)





1. Straight Descending Strike

2. High Outside Strike

3. High Inside Strike

4. Middle Outside Strike

5. Middle Inside Strike

6. Lower Outside Strike

7. Lower Inside Strike

8. High Center Thrust

9. Middle Center Thrust

10. Low Center Thrust 

11. Hammer Strike 




Overhead Block

High Outside Block

High Inside Block

Middle Outside Block

Middle Inside Inverted Block

Lower Outside Block

Lower Inside Block

High Center Block

Middle Center Block

Lower Center Block 




Utility Draw

Combat Draw

Lanyard Techniques

            Rising Capture

            Inside Roll

            Outside Roll   

            Lower Capture


Veriticle Fan Parry

Horizontal Fan Parry

Inward Coil

Outward Coil

Two-Handed Adaptions

Pivot Step

Turning Step            


Spinning Step


6th Form: Dan Bong Hyung Sae (HWSS)



Strike Point Charts




Advanced Striking Techniques


  1. )Straight Descending Hammer Strike to Frontal Lobe
  2. )High Outside Hamer Strike to Temple
  3. )High Inside Hammer Strike to Temple
  4. )Middle Inside Hammer Strike to Ribs
  5. )Straight Descending Hammer Strike to Collarbone
  6. )Straight Descending Hammer Strike to Orbits
  7. )High Pivot Step Hammer Strike to Throat
  8. )Middle Outside Hammer Strike to Solar Plexus
  9. )High Inside Reverse Fan Strike to Temple
  10. )High Outside Strike to Temple
  11. )High Outside Fan Strike to Frontal Lobe
  12. )High Pivot Reverse Fan Strike to Collarbone
  13. )High Pivot Reverse Fan Strike to Forearm
  14. )Middle Straight Thrust to Armpit
  15. )Thrust to Inguinal Crease
  16. )Thrust to Jowl


Counter-Strike Techniques


  1. )Open Attacker with an inside parry of punching arm wrist; Strike to Orbit
  2. )Hammer strike to back of attacking fist
  3. )Pivot Step Outside Block to Attacking wrist; Hammer strike to Solar Plexus
  4. )Thrust to armpit of attacking arm.
  5. )Thrust to Inguinal Crease
  6. )Thrust to Throat
  7. )Double Hand Block; Barrel Press to throat

Counter-Kick Techniques



  1. )Back Fan strike to Sidekick Ankel.
  2. )Pivot Step Straight Descending Strike to Sidekick Ankel
  3. )Step-back Hammer Strike to Sidekick Ankel
  4. )Step-in Hammer Strike to Outside of thigh
  5. )Back Fan strike to Sidekick Ankel; forward strike to Orbit
  6. )Step-back Hammer Strike to Sidekick Ankel; forward step for thrust to throat
  7. )Thrust to backside of Turning Kick
  8. )Inside Strike to Roundhouse Kick kneecap;
  9. )Thrust to inside of Supporting leg thigh
  10. )Parry and Knee-lock to Roundhouse kick leg
  11. )Duck under press to back of Supporting leg knee
  12. )Parry Kick; seize hand for Turning Leaf
  13. )Snag Kicking Leg ankle; turn kicker; dan bong to back of knee press
  14. )Snag Kicking Leg ankle; turn kicker; dan bong to front of knee press
  15. )Parry with Dan Bong; Sweep Supporting leg with Forward foot
  16. )Parry with Dan Bong; Sweep Supporting leg with Back foot
  17. ) Parry with Dan Bong; Thrust to bladder from underneath


Joint-Locking Techniques

  1. )InsideChickenwing
  2. )OutsideChickenwing
  3. )Outside Wrist Throw
  4. )Turning Leaf with Dan Bong in Back Hand
  5. )TurningArmbar
  6. )Turning Neck Throw
  7. )Underarm Armbar
  8. )Ankel-Shin Press
  9. )Inside Armbar
  10. )OutsideArmbar
  11. )Through-the-armpit ArmBar
  12. )Over the Arm Armbar




  1. )Barrel Press Projection
  2. )Elbow-Wrist Throw (From Above)
  3. )Horizon Throw
  4. )Elbow-Wrist Throw (From Below)
  5. )Under-Elbow Armbar/ Scoop Kick Throw
  6. )Under-arm Hip Throw
  7. )Belt Grab- Throat Press Projection
  8. )Shoulder Throw: Hook neck with Dan Bong Pommel;
  9. )Ankel-Knee Press Projection
  10. )Turning Sleeve Throw
  11. )Through-the-armpit Hip Throw
  12. )Single Leg Sweep














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