First Degree Black Belt
 Curriculum for Level 5 Training
Soh Bong Curriculum


1996 Midwest Hapkido
  2006 Midwest Hapkido (Revised)




Soh Bong Strikes


Forward Thrust

Inside Ascending Thrust

Outside Ascending Thrust

Inside Horizontal Thrust

Outside Horizontal Thrust

Outside Horizontal Strike

Inside Descending Strike

Outside Descending Strike


Rearward Strike

Barrel Soh Bong Strike




Forehand Overhand Whip

Rearhand Overhand Whip

Lateral Inside Whip

Lateral Outside Whip

Forehand Underhand Whip

Rearhand Underhand Whip

Snap Whip

Clearing Whip



Utility Draw

Combat Draw

Lanyard Techniques

            Rising Capture

            Inside Roll

            Outside Roll   

            Lower Capture

               Basic Binding


Pivot Step


Turning Step

Spinning Step 

Fifth Form: Ki Hap Hyung Sae


Pressure Point Techniques 






Attacking Techniques


1. Armpit Soh Bong Thrust

2. Neck Soh Bong Strike

3. Inside Thigh Soh Bong Thrust

4. Tiger-mouth to Windpipe

5. Turning Neck I

6. Turning Neck II

7. Hook Neck

8. Forward Elbow Lock

9. Turning Leaf

10. Inverse Technique

11. Chickenwing

12. Wristbone Press


 Defensive Techniques


a. Defense Against a Strike


1. Soh Bong Armpit Strike

2. Soh Bong Forearm Strike

3. Soh Bong Fist Strike

4. Soh Bong Rib Strike

5. Soh Bong Solar Plexus Strike

6. Soh Bong Groinline Thrust

7. Fist-Throat Combination

8. Arm-Temple Combination

9. Soh Bong Windpipe Strike

10. Inward Flex Lock

11. Turning Cross-wrist Projection

12. Turning Leaf Projection

13. Horizon Throw

14. Temple Strike Sweep

15. Vine Throw


b. Defense Against Kicks - Front Kick


1. Anklebone Press

2. Soh Bong Throat Thrust

3. Soh Bong Groinline Thrust


c. Defense Against Kicks - Side Kick


1. Soh Bong Thigh Strike

2. Soh Bong Ankle Strike

3. Soh Bong Knee Strike


d. Defense Against Kicks - Roundhouse Kick


1. Soh Bong Inside Thigh Strike

2. Three Count Soh Bong Strike

3. Solar Plexus Sweep


e. Defense Against Kicks - High Heel Hook Kick


1. Three Choice Soh Bong Strike

2. Soh Bong Rib Strike

3. Soh Bong Thigh Thrust


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