White Belt

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 White Belt -
  Curriculum for Level 1 Training
1996 Midwest Hapkido
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High Block
Low Block
Inside Block
Outside Block


Front Snap Kick:
Side Snap Kick:
Inside Crescent Kick:
Back Kick:
Inside Swivel Kick
Shin Kick:
Scoop Kick:


Center-Knuckle Punch:
Knife Hand Strike (Cutting):
Back fist:
Palm-Heel Strike:
Forward Elbow Strike:
Rearward Elbow Strike:
Hammer fist:
Knee Strike:


Level 1 Combinations:

  1. Break-away; Sideward Elbow strike ("the thumb is the weakest part")
  2. Wrist-Clearing; Ridge hand Strike ("clearing")
  3. Double Wrist twist; Front Snap Kick ("Inside Wrist Roll")
  4. Log-rolling/Knee strike ("C-Up")
  5. Prayer book/Spear hand ("Reaction Principal")
  6. Inverted Wrist/Sidekick ("Authority")
  7. Elbow-vice Lock ("the hands always work together")
  8. Collar Drag from behind ("Economy of Motion")
  9. Double Palm-heel strike ("Make a friend of the floor")
  10. Outer "C"; Hammer-strike ("C-out")


Attention Stance Forward Stance Natural Stance Fighting Stance
Back Stance Horse Stance Cat Stance Straight-Line Stance


Forward Roll
Rearward Break-fall
Four-Corners Drill (Cross and Linear)
Dynamic Breathing - Front
Peel-off Manipulation


 First Form


Double-Flex Techniques

#1 Basic "Double-Flex" Control
#2 Peel-off or Rising Combat "Double-Flex"
#3 Mini-360 Control
#4 Great Circle "Double-Flex"
#5 Small Circle "Double-Flex"
#6 Inward Flex Lock

Figure-Four Techniques

#7 Lapel Grab Control
#8 Reversed Great Circle Control

Wrist Lock Techniques

#9 Straight Forearm Lock
#10 Cross-Hand Forearm Lock
#11 Straight Wrist Grab Reversal
#12 Lateral Wrist Press
#13 Hand Shake Reversal
#14 Hidden Wrist Roll Lock
#15 Two-finger Wrist Lock
#16 Medial Wrist Press

Elbow-Lock Techniques

#17 Knife hand to Elbow
#18 Elbow in Armpit






Attendance  (minimum 6 mos. or 78 hours)


Health _______________

Focus: Conditioning;; Initiating Movement from the Hips; Hand and Wrist manipulation


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