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            Kumdo                                                                  "Way of The Sword”  

    For centuries, martial skill with the long sword has been a hallmark of a warriors’ expertise, an icon of martial valor, and a mainstay of military effectiveness. The development of modern weaponry and warfare has eclipsed swordsmanship as a necessary martial skill. However, the benefits of learning the art of the Korean  Sword (Jin Guem) continue to be developed and enjoyed. Kumdo (“the Way of the Sword”), the more modern version of the art, includes a sporting aspect utilizing armour and and bamboo sword (juk-to). Kum-Bup (“sword form”) is the more traditional Korean sword art which focuses on the use of the Long Sword as a martial weapon. This latter form most closely approximates the aspects of swordsmanship consistent with Hapkido study. However, both Kumdo and Kum-Bup instill in the practitioner discipline, patience, perseverance, concentration and respect while affirming a greater appreciation for Korean history and culture. 

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