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Staff Forms - Warm-up 

The purpose of this Warm-up form is as a review of fundamentals of Korean Staff basics and a preparation for more sophisticated work. As with any Training or Conditioning  form, individual parts can be increased in number, or eliminated altogether, depending on the constraints of the training, or the immediate training goals. Generally, the methods found in the first half of the form are "short stick" techniques, meaning that both hands remain in a balance position in the middle of the staff. Techniques in the second half of the form tend to be "long stick" techniques meaning that these methods are executed with the hands gripping the staff  farther to one end or the other. 

The methods found in this form must not be construed as an exhaustive catalogue of all Korean staff methods.


Insa (Salutation) 

Attention Stance to ready Position.  

Dan Jeon Breathing technique with two-handed shaft press.  


Combination #1

Three Full Counter-Clockwise Rotations  

Left High Thrust  


Combination #2

Middle Reverse Outside Strike with a Right Step 

High Inside Strike  


Combination #3

Left Step into a Back stance and an Overheard Block

Right Step into a Forward Stance and an Overhead Strike


Combination #4

Right One-Legged Stance and an Vertical Outside Shaft Press

Left Step into Forward Stance and High Thrust.


Combination #5

Right Step; Outside Block, Inside Block

Left Step; Outside Block, Inside Block   


Combination #6

Right step; Two-Handed Coil, Left and Right  

Left Step; Two-Handed Coil, Left and Right  


Combination #7

Single-Handed Coil, with an Overhead Back Strike  

Single-Handed Coil with a Crossed-Legged Stance and Reversed Thrust 


Combination #8

Single Legged Stance and an Outside Block

Middle Inside Strike; Overhand Coil; Low Thrust 



More to Come

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