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  Speed: Sok do Speed is generally taken to mean the rate at which an individual moves their body as a unit to cover distance. This can often be confused with velocity, Sok  ryok , which is used to identify the rate at which a specific body part, a weapon or an item moves. 

As with the other attributes, Speed is closely influenced by its fellow attributes especially Mass, Timing, and Interval. As mentioned earlier, one cannot make changes in one attribute without having to make changes in other attributes. Speed is often one place where people attempt to compensate for such things as poor Interval, poor Balance and poor Timing. Since we know that the Human body can only react so fast, many times people attempt to overcome an attack by doing the defensive response as fast as possible and overwhelm the attacker before they have a chance to adjust. Dependency on this sort of speed is always an indication of poor technique. 

Oddly, we see the same thing on an emotional and psychological level. Too often a person will use Speed as a way of pressuring a decision.  In sales, for instance, it is a very common tactic to suggest that a decision must be made quickly or an opportunity will be lost. As in execution of physical technique, to allow speed to govern one's thinking or emotions too often spells disaster. 

The counter-attribute is often taken to be “inhibition” such that one impairs the partner’s ability to move. However, seen just as often is the case where the partner is suddenly accelerated in such a manner as to be unable to manage his movement.