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Dan Bong Bup 


Short Stick Form  (Dan Bong Hyung)

This Dan Bong (Lit: "Short Stick") form is both a teaching and a training form developed by KJN MYUNG Kwang Sik. It contains nearly all of the basic handling methods for using a Dan Bong including blocks, or parries, strikes and thrusts. From a central position the individual has an opportunity to execute the techniques from a uniform posture. As a training method this form allows the individual to experience retaining control of the Dan Bong while executing a range of techniques that require dramatic changes in both position and motion related to his Center-of-Gravity.

As with all teaching and training forms it is understood that the practitioner will dis-assemble the form, executing and investigating the various motions and methods found there.

For the purposes of convenience and retention, this form has been divided in a number of combinations


Insa (Salutation)

Attention Stance to ready Position. 

Dan Jeon Breathing technique with two-handed shaft press. 

Single forward step with right foot in right back-stance and draw.


Combination #1

Straight Descending Strike  (Feint) 

High Outside Block 

High Inside Strike


Combination #2

Skip-in Sidekick 

 High Center Thrust 


Combination #3

One-Legged  Stance

Low Inside Block


Combination #4

High Inside Block 

High Outside Strike


Combination #5

One-Legged Stance 

Low Outside Block 


Combination #6

Overhead Block 

Spinning Heel Kick 


Combination #7

 High Center Thrust (Feint) 

Middle Outside Block 

Middle Inside Strike 


Combination #8

Straight descending Pommel Strike

Back Kick 


Combination #9

 Middle Center Thrust (Feint) 

Low Outside Strike

Middle Inside Strike 


Combination #10

Inside Hook 

Two-Handed Shaft Press


Combination #11

Low Spinning Heel Kick

Straight Descending Strike


Combination #12

High Outside Block 

High Inside Block 

Shaft Press - Single Hand (Elbow Lock; Right Foot )


Combination #13

Low Parry and Side strike Left

 Side Center Block Right

Parry, Cross-step, Rearward Pommel Strike

Stepping Fan Strike


Combination #14

Middle Outside Block 

Middle Inside Block 

Withdraw Right foot; Two-Handed Shaft Draw. 

Spinning Back Kick(Right Foot)


Combination #15

Low Outside Block 

Low Inside Block

Middle Center Thrust followed by Throw with Double-handed Shaft Press


Combination #16

Jump Front Kick 

Two-Handed Shaft Strike



Return to Ready position and perform one Two-Handed Shaft Strike. 

Attention Stance