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Force: Himm Power: physical energy, force, might. This attribute may well be the single most misunderstood of all seven. While it is certainly a hallmark of poor execution to routinely rely solely on might to cause a technique to work, it has become a much misunderstood view of the Hapkido arts that no force whatever is required to make a technique work. There is nothing magic about Hapkido. Physical power IS required to perform work in Hapkido as in any other endeavor. To pretend that one can affect technique without effort is to pretend that one has developed some exceptional abilities outside of normal Physics. Whether such can actually be accomplished is the stuff of scientists and philosophers.  In the matter of the Hapkido arts, whether on the mat or off the mat, the keep to Power is not its development but its management. In this way the old Boxing axiom of "fight smarter, not harder" is key.         As in the case of the attribute Speed, to rely heavily on Power to make a technique successful is a hallmark of poor technique. And while it can be done regularly in the early days of practice, as one ages, the power will wane and the practitioner will be forced to either improve the precision of his technique or risk failure altogether.