Midwest Hapkido



What is Midwest Hapkido?

Midwest Hapkido is a clearinghouse and local resource for Hapkido activities in the Chicago area. Although a member in good standing with the World KiDO Association, Midwest Hapkido has extended itself to members of Hwa Rang Do Association, the World Hapkido Federation, American Hapkido Association, United States Hapkido Federation as well as a variety of independent instructors to provide a non-intrusive, supportive opportunity to communicate with like-minded Martial artists. By providing a location through which Hapkido practioners can announce and locate Hapkido activities in the Chicago area, Midwest Hapkido seeks to provide community for both school owners and individuals alike. It is the purpose of this effort to reduce anxiety which may arise as the individual seeks to expand their Hapkido expertise while maintaining their autonomy and standing affiliations.

Since its organization in 1994, Midwest Hapkido has also served as a resource to those Martial arts individuals who have become disconnected from the Martial arts community due to school closings, loss of instructor, curriculum short-comings or changes in goals. Through its Accelerated Accreditation Program, Midwest Hapkido provides to students with experience in a variety of Martial arts including Tae Kwon Do, Aikido and Kick-boxing an opportunity to secure both Hapkido training and advancement by receiving credit for skills acquired in other systems.

Midwest Hapkido not only maintains its membership with the World KiDO Association, but is also affiliated with the Hwa Rang Kum-Do Association through its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. By its dedication to instruction in both the sport and traditional aspects of Korean swordsmanship, the Hwa Rang Kum-Do Association  exemplifies the inter-relationship of a traditional art taught in a modern society.  Further information regarding the Hwa Rang Kum-Do Association is available through its headquarters located on Elston avenue in Chicago, Illinois.

Midwest Hapkido maintains an educational partnership with Libertyville Park District, Libertyville, Illinois as well as supporting the Hwa Rang Hapkido Club located at College of Lake County. Individual instruction, class instruction, seminars, discussion groups and meditation are all offered in the spirit of promoting this traditional gift of the Korean people.  

If you have further questions about this please contact us at Midwest Hapkido. We would be glad to hear from you.