Method 4


 The fourth method, Single-Leg Standing Method (Kumkye Doklipse) bespeaks standing on one foot after performing a turn. One of the more sophisticated methods, both as a biomechanic and combat construct, this approach is requires that the swordsman appreciate the need to quickly assess and respond to a situation. Since a variety of cold weapons encountered on the ancient battlefield were pole-arms, a sword would be at a distinct disadvantage in defending, let alone in attacking. For this reason a warrior would need to know how to orient their body other than in deference to their sword. To turn to face an adversary with a polearm might well require the swordsman to "cover-up", withdraw his forward leg or step off in some novel fashion, such as over an obstacle, while still engaing the enemy. To study and master a constellation of these options and behaviors is what the third method identifies.