Kicking Standards


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Below you will find a comparison of kicking curriculum of the World Hapkido Federation,  SIN MU Hapkido, HWARANGDO, KUK SUL WON and YONG SUL KWAN Hapkiyusool.

The 1st group of kicks are those shared by 5 out of five of the groups researched. These are coded Red.
The 2nd group are kicks shared by 4 out of the five groups and these are coded Blue.
The 3rd group are kicks shared by 3 out of five and these are coded Green.
The 4th group are kicks shared by 2 out of 5-- Violet.
The 5th group are for kicks that are unique to only one out of the five. They are Auburn and represent the least likely to be retained in the basic material identifying a standard Hapkido curriculum. I believe the total for the basics are 16 kicks. However, there are a couple that have grown in favor  that are not found most other places. One is the Shin Kick of MUAY THAI fame and the other is the Horizontal Knee.

Note also that there are items in which one of the selections is noted in BLACK. These are my nominations for the term best used to identify a basic kick. Results are posted at the bottom of the page. 

Yon Mu Kwan / WHF  Sin Mu Hapkido Hwa Rang Do  Kuk Sool Won  Yong Sul Kwan 
1. Center Toe Kick Toes Poking kick Front Kick  Front Kick  High Point Kick 
2. Side Kick Knee High Side Kick Side Kick   Side Kick   Side Kick 
3. Heel Down Kick  Axe Kick Half-Moon Kick   Axe Kick   Axe Kick 
4. Back Kick  Rear Horse Kick   Back Kick  Back Kick   Back Kick 
5. Outside Kick   Outside Crescent Kick  Outside Full-Moon Kick Outside Kick 
6. Roundhouse Kick   Palm Touching Roundhouse Kick  Roundhouse Kick   Roundhouse Kick 
7. Inside Kick  Inside Crescent Kick Inside Full-Moon Kick  Inside Kick 
8. Heel-Down Hook Kick  Inverted Hook Kick to Thigh Low Kick (Hook Kick to thigh)  Heel Hook Kick 
9. Low Curve Kick  Rear Low Outer Slicing Kick   Low Kick  (Low Curve Kick )  Outside Swivel Kick 
10. Front Heel Kick Front Thrust Kick Front Heel Snap Kick  Heel Thrust Kick 
11. Knee Lift Strike  Upward Knee Strike      Knee Kick   Knee Strike 
12. Low Circle Heel Kick   Low Inner Slicing Kick  Low Kick (Low Circle Heel Kick)   Inside Swivel Kick 
13.High Heel Hook Kick  Heel Hook Kick  Hook Kick 
14.Scoop Kick  Low Kick  (Scoop Kick) Scoop Kick  Scoop Kick 
15. Slap Kick  Instep Kick  Slap Kick 
16. Low Spinning Heel Kick  Low Spinning Heel Kick  Low Spin'g Heel Kick 
Low Kick (Low Point Kick)  Low Point Kick
17. Knife-edge Push Kick  Knife-edge Thrusting Kick
    18. Low Shin Kick Low Kick  (Shin Kick) 
   19. Upward Slicing Kick  Chin Kick 
20. Turning Backside Kick  Turn'g Back-side Kick 
21. Knife-edge Down Kick Toes Slicing Kick   
Additional Kicks: 
Cover Kick
Palm Touching Side Kick 
Knee Side Kick 
Low Inside Heel Slicing Kick 
Side Twist Kick 
Side Kick Under Block 
Pulling Inner Crescent Kick 
High Section Front Kick with Heel 
Side Kick downward blocking Kick 
Cross Knee Strike 
Spinning Heel Kick 
Chop Kick 
Reverse Roundhouse 
Descending Knee Strike 

Results: Across this range of Hapkido arts the following list of kicks would form a solid representational foundation for modern Hapkido.

1. Center Toe Kick

2. Side Kick

3. Axe Kick

4. Back Kick 

5.  Outside (Crescent) Kick

6. Roundhouse Kick

7. Inside (Crescent) Kick

8. Heel-Down Hook Kick

9. Low Curve Kick

10. Front Thrust Kick

11. Knee Strike

12. Low Circle Heel Kick

13.High Heel Hook Kick 

14.Scoop Kick

15. Slap Kick 

16. Low Spinning Heel Kick