Hwa Rang Sword Method


Level Three - 4th Geup


Time in Grade: 4 months (or 48 hrs)

Skills Training: 

a.) Six Parts of the Bamboo Sword (Juk-To)

b.) Target Drills

Rising Parry; Head Strike

Outside Parry; Wrist Strike

Inside Parry;  Chest Strike 

c.) Sword Method:   

Snap Cuts

Spinning Cut

Turning Cut 

d.) Bon Class:

     Hwa Rang O-Geom: Shin Geom ( ? ? 5 ? : ? ? )

             8-Parry Drill: Levels Five and Six  

             Pal Pung Ta  Geom-Beop:  

E Cho Shik (parts 1&2)

        Shue-Ta Geom-Beop (? ? ?? ) :  To face being distracted with too many interests.

Sam Shik (parts 1&2)

         Hyea-Ta Geom-Beop ( ???  ??) :  To face the desires to speak evil of others.



Ancillary Training





Parts of the Sword Juk-To

Hilt: (6) Byoung Hyuk

 Guard: (5) Ko-dng-i ( ??? ) w/ rubber retaining washer

 Back of Sword: Is represented by a yellow cord-- (4) Dng Jul ( ? )which runs from the guard to the tip. The blade edge--- kal nal (??) ---of the sword is only suggested as that side of the Juk-To opposite the Dng Jul.

 Striking Area:The area, approximately six inches long representing the area of the sword intended for making offensive contact with the target is called the (2)Tadolbu. The (3) Joong Hyuk is a leather band representing the nearest limit of the striking area while the (1) Sun Hyuk is the leather cap representing the farthest tip of the sword.)