Grappling Standard

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Once again you will find below a comparison of the World Hapkido Federation, Dr' Kimm's Hapkido, the HWA RANG DO and the KUK SOOL WON Breathing material . 

The 1st group of Grappling Techniques shared by 4 out of the four groups and these are coded Blue.
The 2nd group are  Techniques shared by 3 out of four  and these are coded Green.
The 3rd group are Techniques shared by 2 out of 4-- Violet.
The 4th group are for Techniques that are unique to only one out of the four. They are Auburn.

It is important to remember that there is a lot of redundancy in these curriculums so what I have done is accepted the first representation of a technique in its gross bio-mechanic. "Arm bar"-s are probably the single most represented and over-represented technique. It follows that the techniques are often repeated as clothing grabs, wrist grabs, two-handed-grabs and finally in response to striking or kicking. To keep things uniform most of the representations were observed to have been made in the earliest levels of each Hapkido art.

THEN there is the "small" matter of terminology. We are probably going to be working on terms for quite some time to come. As you can see most people have gotten around the importance of terms by simply using a numbering system. Unfortunately not everyone has placed the same importance on techniques in the same order so one person's "#2" could well be someone else's "#15". We definitely have our work cut out here. I have tried to use some common terms but found myself falling back on Japanese terms ("koto gaeshi") simply for convenience sake. To me this would be like describing Tennis in Baseball terms and whatever the connections between Japanese and Korean traditions I am looking for the Korean techniques and terms to stand on their own.

Lastly, I direct your attention to the number of KSW techniques down in the "single representation (violet) section. I mention these in particular as they bear a shocking resemblance to the hapkiyusool techniques taught by Dojunim Kim at the YONG SUL KWAN. The order is just a bit varied, though, overall even that is pretty close. I found some of the same material in Kimm's Hapkido but have to defer to the fact that Kimm is essentially a KSW person at heart if not always in practice. Just an intriguing artifact. I think if I get time I will pair-up the KSW techniques to their YSK counterparts just for curiosity sake and post it in case anyone is curious. It does not actually relate well to the other material as we are essentially functioning on the YU SOOL level with most of what we have here and I didn't want to start mixing levels. It would be real easy to get side tracked into discussing where "ki-ai" material stops and "ai-ki" material starts. See--- even there that Japanese terminology pops into the discussion. Thoughts on this last posting would be welcome.

Yon Mu Kwan / WHF 

He-Young Kimm  (Hapkido) 

Hwa Rang Do 

Kuk Sool Won (Suh) 

1.) Wrist Throw 

Oht 11 Soo 

Wrist Break Throw

Ki Bon 5 Soo 

2. Hammerlock 

Son Mok 22 Soo 

Shoulder Dislocate 

Ki Bon 4 Soo 

3. Leg Sweep 

Son Mok 14 Soo 

Sweeping Throw 

Ki Bon 9 Soo 

4. Figure 4 Lock 

Son Mok 17 Soo 

Elbow Break 

Son Mok 10 Soo 

5. Shoulder Throw 

Son Mok 11 Soo 


Son Mok 7 Soo 

6. Elbow Pressure 

Son Mok 6 Soo 

Ki Bon 6 Soo 

7. Bent Arm Throw 

Son Mok 10 Soo 

Ki Bon 3 Soo 

8. Hip Throw

Son Mok 12 Soo 

Ki Bon 14 Soo 

9. Inverse 

Son Mok 7 Soo 

Son Mok 2 Soo 

10.Verticle Wristlock 

Oht 7 Soo 

Son Mok 3 Soo 

11. Horizontal Head/Neck Throw 

Oht 13 Soo 

Ki Bon 10 Su 

12. Elbow-in-Armpit 

Son Mok 8 Soo 

Elbow Break 

13. Figure - 4  Throw 

Oht 15 Soo 

Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder Break 

14. Horizon Throw 

Wrist Pressure Point Throw 

Ki Bon 13 Soo 


Oht 4 Soo

Dislocate Spine 

Ki Bon 12 Soo 

16. Exiting Straight-arm Fig-4

Son Mok 21 Soo 

17. Knifehand-to-elbow Draw 

Son Mok 23 Soo 

18. Forward Fireman's Throw

Son Mok 13 Soo 

19. Dbl Elbow-lock Shoulder Throw

Son Mok 24 Soo 

20. Wrist Lock 

Wrist Breaking & Kick 

21. Forward 180 

Wrist Shoulder Break 

22. Grapevine Throw 

Collarbone Break 

23. Primary  Shoulderlock 

Elbow Break 

24. Rearward 180 

Ki Bon 1 Soo

25. Combo #8 


Ki Bon 2 Soo 

26. Standing Arm Lock 

Ki Bon 7 Soo 

27 Log Rolling Throw 

Son Mok 8 Soo 


Oht 2 Soo 

Eui Bok 1 Soo 


Finger Grab

Finger Grab 


Wrist Break & Lock 

Ki Bon 8 Soo 

Eui Bok 6 Soo 

Eui Bok 8 Soo 

Eui Bok 9 Soo 

Eui Bok 10 Soo 


Eui Bok 11 Soo 

Eui Bok 12 Soo 

Son Mok 11 Soo 

Eui Bok 3 Soo 

Ki Bon 11 Soo 

Ki Bon 15 Soo 


Wrist Break for Shoulder Grab 

Wrist Lock 

Son Mok 15 Soo 

Son Mok 19 Soo 

5. Forward Wrist Throw 

6. Elbow Wrist Throw