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Interval: {Kan kyok} is the optimal space between combatants at which to either execute offensive techniques or maintain defenses. At its most basic, we have already met the attribute of “interval” as referred to as  “Dynamic Sphere” (Pom wee; Lit: “Sphere, or Range, of Influence”). Since Interval defines the distance over which the individual is required to work, the ability to identify the optimal work distance, and negotiate that space, become necessary concerns for the success of the event. The single most common reference for good interval is identified as the palm of an outstretched hand of one partner matching the palm of an outstretched hand of the other partner. Stepping forward such that the spheres of the two partners overlap is termed "crowding" while increasing distance between the two spheres is terms Abandonment. 

On an emotional and psychological level, the interval one maintains with the people around them, or with their community is likewise critical. people who do not maintain good emotional or psychological interval are often seen as "clingy" and "demanding". We often talk about how such-and-such a person is "crowding me". On the other hand a person who allows to much space between themselves and others is often termed "distant" or "aloof". To maintain just the right distance is just as critical emotionally and mentally as it is physically. As you have probably guessed,  counter-attributes include both, “crowding”, or particularly close interval, as well as, “abandonment”, or particularly great interval.