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 Jipanggi Bop


Cane Form (Jipanggi Hyung)

This Teaching Form is intended as a medium for organizing the basic cane handling methods. While not intended as an exhaustive catalogue of all possible combinations of strikes, blocks and snares, it provides a concise, organized approach to the most common methods for manipulating the cane. 


Part One

1. Opening Posture

2. Dispelling the Clouds to Watch the Moon

3. Covering the Heads of the Mandarin Duck

4. Jabbing the Cane Head-on

5. Opening the Door to See the Mountain 

6. Fair Lady picking-up Mulberries

7. Pulling to Cut the Belly

Part Two 

1.Cicada Sloughing It's Skin

2.Chopping the Cane Head-on

3.Blocking and Chopping the Flood Dragon

4.Chopping the Cane Head-on

5.Placing the Cane Crosswise and Kicking

6.A Wasp Stinging the Heart

Part Three

1. Turning Back to Watch the Moon

2. A violent Tiger returning to the Mountain

3. Golden Cock Jumping onto the Shell

4. The Oriole Spreading Its Wings

5. Lifting the Beam and Changing the Post

6. Chopping the Cane Head-on.

Part Four 

1. Lashing the Horse with a Whip

2. The Ape Hiding Its Body

3. Presenting Oneself to the Emperor Ceremoniously

4. Chopping Mount Huashan Erectly

5. Golden Dragon Twining the Post

6. Jabbing the Cane Head-on

Part Five

1. The Fish Rising to Jiang Taigong’s Hookless and Baitless Line

2. Magpie Jumping on the Twigs

3. Dragon in the Clouds Playing with Water

4. An Old Bull Dragging the Cart

5. Cutting the Mountain and Building the Road

Part Six 

1. Jabbing Forward Left

2. Dhamoi Holding the Cane

3. The Eagle Wheeling in the Air

4. The Woodcutter cutting Firewood

5. Harnessing the Horse and Turning It Back

6. Qingqiong trying the Maces

Part Seven

1. Stabbing the Ground Into a Spring

2. The Ape Presenting the Stick

3. Dhamoi Carrying the Cane on the Back

4. Yaksha Exploring the Sea

5. Swinging the Cane Left and Right

6. Turning Back and Chopping the Cane

7. Jumping Slap Kick in a Horse Stance

8. The Finish