Brown Belt

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Brown Belt -
Curriculum for Level 4 Training
1996 Midwest Hapkido
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Outside Circular Block
Inside Circular Block
Outside Hook Block
Inside Hook Block 
Rising Palm Block
Downward Palm Block 


Jumping Front Thrust Kick
Jumping Front Snap Kick
Jumping Side Snap Kick
Spinning Outside Crescent Kick 
Jump Spinning Heel Kick 
Jump Spinning Inside Crescent Kick 


Thumb Knuckle Punch
Tiger Claw Strike
Eagle Claw Strike
Scorpion Strike
Forward Head Strike
Rearward Head Strike
Knee Drop


Free Form

Concussive, Manipulative, Manipulative
Manipulative, Concussive, Manipulative
Manipulative, Manipulative, Concussive
Concussive, Concussive, Manipulative 
Concussive, Manipulative, Concussive, 
Manipulative, Concussive, Concussive


Free-fall Breakfall
Free-fall Flip


Dynamic Breathing - Sideward


Lapping Conversion
Drawing Conversion
Pressing Conversion
Turning Conversion
Encircling Conversion
Slipping Conversion


Third Form


S-Arm Techniques

1. Mini S-arm 
2. Combat S-arm Press
3. Shin Lock 
4. Reversed Shin Lock 

Wrist Lock Techniques

5. Standard Turning Leaf
6. Rearward Turning Leaf 
7. Forward Turning Leaf
8. Turning Turning Leaf 
9. Descending Turning Leaf 
10. Turning Rearward 180 Projection

 Elbow Lock Techniques

11. Shoulder press Projection 
12. Passive Hobble 
13. Active Hobble 


14. Turning Choke Projection 
15. Cobra Throw
16. Vertical Turning Head Throw
17. Forward Thrust 
18. Forward Sleeve Projection


19. Counter-kick Inside Projection
20. Counter-kick Outside Projection
21. Counter-kick Inside Sweep
22. Counter-kick Outside Sweep
23. Counter-kick Inside Drag
24. Counter-kick Outside Drag
25. Counter-kick Inside Cartwheel
26. Counter-kick Outside Cartwheel

Chokes, Locks and Pins

27. Floor Pin 
28. Forward Elbow Pin 
29. Rearward Elbow Pin 
30. Wrist Pin 
31. Shin Pin
32. Chin Pin 
33. Hammerlock Pin 
34. Chicken-wing Pin 
35. Forward Single Choke 
36. Forward Double Choke 
37. Front Sleeper
38. Rear Sleeper
39. Rear Single Choke 
40. Rear Double Choke 
41. Headlock Choke 
42. Bulldog Choke
43. Scarf Choke
44. Chin Lock 
45. Shin Lock 
46. Wrist Lock 
47. Figure-four Lock 
48. Double Knee Lock 
49. Single Knee Lock 




Focus: Free-fighting and multiple partners techniques; Conflict Resolution.