Breathing Standards

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Regardless of the Hapkido tradition each and every Hapkido art has a number of Breathing techniques. Loosely Identified as "DAN JON Breathing" these exercises couple diaphragmatic breathing with isokinetic action in an effort to build a strong union between muscle skill and muscle recruitment.  Once again I have compared the World Hapkido Federation, Dr' Kimm's Hapkido, the HWA RANG DO and the KUK SOOL WON Breathing material . 

The 1st group of Breathing Techniques are shared by 4 out of the four groups and these are coded Blue.
The 2nd group are Breathing Techniques shared by 3 out of four  and these are coded Green.
The 3rd group are Breathing Techniques shared by 2 out of 4-- Violet.
The 4th group are for Breathing Techniques that are unique to only one out of the four. They are Auburn and represent the least likely to be retained in the basic material identifying a standard Hapkido curriculum.  This one is a comparison of different traditions and the various kinds of Dan Jon (Diaphragmatic) Breathing that they do.

I also threw in Do Jin Bup as a kind of after thought. If anyone uses this rhythmic leg drill in their practice and feel as thought they would like to see more representation of their particular tradition in these comparisons, just let me know. 

Finally there is the matter of the "Son Mok Paeggi" which are often associated with these exercises though often only to higher levels of practice. I have not gone into this area of consideration as the focus of this project is to identify commonalities at the most fundamental levels of the arts. Perhaps we can consider this at a later date. 

Yon Mu Kwan / WHF  He-Young Kimm  (Hapkido)  Hwa Rang Do  Kuk Sool Won  Yong Sul Kwan
1. Forward Breathing  Dan Jun 1 Soo (Forwards)  Pyung Myen Ki Hap  Ki Cho Jja  Ki 1 (Forwards) 
2. Downwards Breathing  Dan Jun 3 Soo  (Downwards)  Ha Boo Ki Hap  Ki Cho Jja Ki 3 (Downwards) 
3.  Outside Breathing   Dan Jun 4 Soo  (Outside)  Sa Myen Ki Hap  Ki Cho Jja Ki 2 (Outside) 
4.) Upwards Breathing  Dan Jun 2 Soo  (Upwards)  Sang Boo Ki Hap  Upwards Breathing 
6.) Do Jin Bup  Chiga-Chagi 
5.) KiHap Breathing  Ki Cho Jja Ki 5 (Curling) 
Jung Myen Ki Hap  Ki Cho Jja Ki 4 (Wrist Turn Forwards) 
Ji Boo Ki Hap 
Ki Cho Jja Ki 6 (Turning to the Oblique)