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Balance :{ Cho Hwa } is the ability to execute an identified technique or action while maintaining ones’ physical relationship with the environment. In the Korean culture there is no great distinction made between one's Physical balance, or Emotional balance or Psychological balance. Balance is balance. 

    When a person chooses to practice Hapkido, it is as important to maintain a Physical balance as well as Emotional balance, say by keeping fear or anger under control. The same goes for Psychological or Intellectual balance by not thinking too much or to little about what one is doing. 

The counter-attribute is “unbalance” and likewise includes  unbalancing one’s partner physically, mentally or both. It is very common to hear instructors talk about the importance of "taking" an attacker's balance in the physical sense. The is also the matter of taking a person's mental balance ("psych him out") or emotional balance (rattle him or "shake him up") as well.