Form Study


Up 8 Pieces of Brocade

The martial traditions of Korea are built not so much from practices that originate in Korea but rather from the practices that found their way to Korea from its Chinese and Japanese neighbors.

As a nation with a history of surviving, Koreans did with the information that came to them, what any survivor learns to do: to keep what is useful and effective and to discard what is frivolous

The choice of what is to be kept and what is to be discarded, however, is not a decision which is made easily. Indeed, such a decision may take two or three generations to make itself felt. Further, this is not to say that such decisions might not be reversed at a later date as times and circumstances change.

The  Form Study area is a location dedicated to holding forms well-connected to Korean martial traditions. Though they are of less popularity now than their Taekwondo and Tang SooDo counterparts, they are, nonetheless important parts of Korean martial tradition.

Since Korean tradition has borrowed from its neighbors it is not unusual to find the materials of these forms in either Chinese or Japanese arts as well. Some differences have arisen which may distinguish the Korean manner of executing the form from its cousins.