The following listed schools and teachers have demonstrated a deep and sincere interest in the welfare and education of their students through the Martial Arts. I hope you will find an opportunity to enjoy their partnership in the Martial Arts community.



Martial Arts Institute

Pesthuislaan 35
1054RH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam 34306758

VAT registration number NL8196.94.101.B.01

Bankaccount ING-Postbank 5665502


USA  Hwa Rang Kumdo Association - Chicago 

GM Hyi Koo, 8th Dan Kumdo, is president of the World Hwa Rang Kumdo Assn. and the director of the Chicago Kumdo School at 3931 N. Elston in Chicago. Instruction includes both the more sport-oriented Kumdo as well as the more traditional instruction in Kum-Bup (sword form). Training is conducted evenings Monday through Friday from 7:30pm. until 9pm. with a Special Training class held on Saturdays from 4pm to 6pm. You can contact the school at (773) 463-7744 (fax) (773) 463-7753.



Connelly's Academy, Inc.
Taekwon-Do • Hapkido • Kum-Do
P.O. Box 606 Wilmette, IL 60091   (847) 677- 3172



National Korean Martial Arts Association

Korean Martial Arts Association

National Korean Martial Arts Association

The National Korean Martial Arts Association (NKMAA) offers students and Instructors of: Hap Ki Do, Tae Kwon Do, Kuk Sool, Tang Soo Do, Kong Shin Bup™, or other Korean martial arts, the following services: Registration of Rank, Certification, Testing, Consulting, Seminars and Workshops in KI Training, Weapons Training, Joint-locking, Pressure Points, Traditional Forms, and a myriad of awesome Self-Defense techniques.

Grand Master Rudy Timmerman, 8th Dan, Hapkido is the director of the Kong Shin Bup style of Hapkido and the president of the NKMAA. His headquarters is located at 181 Gore Street, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6A-1M4. The telephone number is 705-759-4854 and the FAX is 705-759-9022. E-mail can be directed through the NKAA website at

While providing seminars and instruction on a regular basis, NKMAA  is probably most widely known in the venue by which the Pak lineage of Kuk Sool Hapkido is continues.



Hapkido had become well known in Korea and represented a modern martial art style using combinations of hand and foot strikes, joint locks and throws.  The Korea Hapkido Association was officially recognized by the Korean Government in 1963.  The name was later shortened to the Korea Kido Association (Daehan Kido Hwe) as it remains today.  The Korea Kido Association is Seoul, consists of over 30 different divisions with each governed by its' own president.  The original division and the one to which we belong is designated by "Hap" and written as: Korean (Hap) Kido Association.  Please visit us online at



North School 773-252-8300
South School 773-284-1300


Aikido Journal

Mr. Stanley Pranin, editor of the AIKIDO JOURNAL has a discussion Net which draws many of the better known and more dedicated members of the Aikido and aiki-jujitsu community. Discussions include a very wide variety of topics related not only Aikido and aiki-jujitsu, but Daito-ryu history, traditional Japanese Martial Arts (koryu) and current events.



The discussion group at covers a very wide range of subject matter relating to the nature of Martial Arts including areas of controversy including "bad budo", certification, and nin-jitsu lineage. Taking, perhaps a more liberal approach, E-budo can be anything but boring on occasion.


Hapkido Forum 

The first true independent Internet forum dedicated to the promotion and practice of the Hapkido arts without respect to style or affiliation. Overseen and managed by Mr. Klaas Barends, himself a practitioner of Korean martial arts, this forum is found at